Brown Ukraine Collaboration Publications

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Aibana O, Bachmaha M, Krasiuk V, Rybak N, Petrenko V, Murray M. "Risk factors for poor multidrug-resistant tuberculosis treatment outcomes in Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine." BMC Infectious Diseases (2017);17:129. doi: 10.1186/s12879-017-2230-2.

Garcia A, Bachmaha M, Zaller N, Rybak N, Vasylyev M, Dasho Y, Flanigan T, Sluzhynska M. “Lessons Learned: A Qualitative Study of Integrated Care for HIV-Infected Injecting Drug Users in Lviv, Ukraine.Journal of Therapy and Management in HIV Infection.

Rybak N, Carroll JJ, Bachmaha M, Garcia A, Vasylev M, Flanigan T and Sluzhynska M. HIV Testing and Entry into HIV Care in Lviv, Western Ukraine 2005-2013.” J AIDS Clin Res 6:494.doi:10.4172/2155-6113.1000494.

Zaller N, Mazhnaya A, Larney S, Islam Z, Shost A, Prokhorova T, Rybak N, Flanigan T. “Geographic variability in HIV and injection drug use in Ukraine: Implications for integration and expansion of drug treatment and HIV care.Int J Drug Policy. Sep 16. pii: S0955-3959(14)00266-7.

Rybak N, Koster M, Gilbert EB, Flanigan T.  “Building international collaborations from the ground up: Brown University partnerships in Haiti and Ukraine. R I Med J. Apr 1; 96(4):33-7.

Essays on Public Health in Ukraine by Brown University Ukraine Collaboration Researchers

A Dark Cloud: The Fight Against TB Carries on in Ukraine, by Natasha Rybak. Published in Brown Medicine Magazine.

The Quietest Casualties: Russian Public Health Policies Cause Patient Deaths in Crimea, by Jennifer J. Carroll. Published in CritCom: A Forum for Research and Commentary on Europe.

Polio in Ukraine (in Ukrainian), by Mika Bachmaha. Published in Magazine.

Writing grief: Death and bereavement in ethnographic texts, by Jennifer J. Carroll. Published in Medicine Anthropology Theory (MAT).