Education of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as medical students, residents, and fellows constitutes an integral part of both the research and clinical care components that embody global health efforts at Brown. 


PHP 1070 Burden of Disease in Developing Countries

Many undergraduate and graduate students are introduced to courses in global health via PHP1070, Burden of Disease in Developing Countries. 

Courses with Global Health Content

The International Health Institute site also features a list of classes at Brown for students interested in taking courses with global health content. 

Elective Programs

Scholarly Concentration in Global Health

Brown University medical students can focus on global health through the Scholarly Concentration in Global Health.

MPH Global Health Scholars Program

MPH students can specialize in global health through the Global Health Scholars Program.  

BRIGHT Pathway

Trainees in the Brown University Medicine, Pediatrics, and Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Programs can refine their commitment to global health through participation in the BRIGHT Pathway. 

Exchange Programs

Alpert Medical School

Alpert Medical School supports a number of formal and informal exchange programs for students with an interest in global health study. 

Post-Graduate Training Programs

Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

The Research Training Program in Child/Adolescent Biobehavioral HIV prepares post-residency psychiatrists, post-doctoral psychologists, and behavioral scientists to conduct independent research in the area of child/adolescent biobehavioral HIV as full-time University faculty members. The Program is a two-year fellowship in which five research fellows train under the guidance of experienced mentors. It includes didactic work, participation in ongoing funded projects, and independent research. 

Department of Medicine

The Department of Medicine Training Program in the Division of Infectious Diseases: HIV and Other Infectious Consequences of Substance Abuse
This training program brings together the multiple strengths of clinical research from an institution that has a robust track record of training junior faculty members to become independent clinical investigators in the area of HIV and substance abuse. 

Degree Programs

Undergraduate Community Health/Public Health Concentration

The School of Public Health sponsors the Community Health Concentration (to become Public Health in the Fall of 2014) for students with career interests in public health, disease prevention and health promotion, health policy and epidemiology, clinical health care delivery, health care administration, international health, and health law.