Framework in Global Health Program

Faculty Curriculum Development Grants

The Framework in Global Health Program sponsors grants to faculty who are developing new courses or revising existing ones to include global health content. Past grant recipients have invited guest speakers, added readings, and developed initiatives to bring global health content to the subject matter of seminars and courses that previously had none, as opposed to enhancing seminars and courses that already include global health content.  Successful applicants receive up to $4,000 to help cover the cost of course revision, travel and related expenses for guest lecturers, as well as other costs entailed with the integration of global health content into these courses.

Upcoming Deadlines:

November 1, 2018

Eligibility Requirements

All regular members of the Brown faculty are eligible to apply (see the Handbook of Academic Administration for clarification on Regular and Non-Regular Faculty).  

Previous recipients of the Framework Faculty Curriculum Development Grants are not eligible for a repeat award.

How do I Incorporate Global Health Content into the Curriculum?

We anticipate that there may be different models for incorporating global health content into courses, and encourage the creative inclusion of global health-related content into courses of a wide variety of disciplines, in all divisions of the University. Below are examples:

  • A faculty member teaching a course on appropriate technology may utilize a travel or research grant to work with an institution or NGO in Kenya to identify practical global health problems around which students' class projects will be structured.
  • A faculty member may invite scholars (within or outside of Brown) to offer lectures related to global health involving different disciplines such as health and human rights, low cost technologies for resource limited countries, climate change and health in Pacific islands.
  • A faculty member may use video-conferencing and other technological initiatives that will enable a class to integrate dialogue with health care workers/medical students in Ghana.
  • An adjunct faculty member may be hired to add a new course that will help incorporate issues related to global health to the concentration's course offerings the next semester.
  • A faculty member teaching a Biostatistics course may use global health-related examples; a Sociology course can be retooled to use examples or case studies from lesser developed countries (LDCs); a Theatre course can feature global health-related dramas; a language course could examine global health-related texts in the original language.

In cases that involve guest lecturers, we do not always expect that the guest lecturer is based in another country; rather, the focus is on the global health dimension of the academic perspective that he or she will bring to the field of study. In addition to classroom responsibilities, the program will place a premium on proposals for visitors who will also engage with the campus at large through public lectures, meetings with graduate students in the field, and such.

Application Materials

Applications must include the following:

  • Online application form.
  • 2-5 page description of curriculum: include information about the kind of course you are proposing to develop; your pedagogical approach; whether this is an old or a new course; how the inclusion of global health-related content will enhance your department's and the university's offerings in this field, and how this activity will have a long-term impact on the curriculum.
  • If guest lecturers are part of the proposal, a description of their role in this course and plans for the guest speaker's campus wide engagements outside the classroom.
  • Letter of support from department chair.
  • Detailed budget.

Please email all materials to [email protected]    , subject line "Framework Faculty Curriculum Development Grant/Your Last Name" by
Nov 1, 2017 at 5PM.

Additional Considerations

We ask all faculty awardees to do the following:

  • make a commitment to solicit course evaluations from students at the end of term that specifically reflect on and assess the value and role of the contribution of global health content in the course, as well as submit 6-month and end-of-year progress reports
  • give a lecture for the Global Health Lecture Series held each academic year
  • serve as a mentor to Framework in Global Health Scholars/Global Health Concentration scholars as appropriate

Inquiries about the application should be directed to:

Eileen Caffrey Wright
Program Manager
Global Health Initiative
Brown University, Box G-A2
91 Waterman Street, Room 205
Providence, RI 02912
Tel: (401) 863-5003 
Fax: (401) 863-1848
[email protected]