Ghana-Brown Partnership to Address HIV/AIDS

Goals and Vision

The partnership between University of Ghana (UG) College of Health Sciences and Brown, Tufts, and Yale Universities is to foster collaboration, leverage funding and implement a 2-year strategic plan to train a multidisciplinary healthcare workforce with a focus on enhancing the response to HIV/AIDS challenges in Ghana.

This project has a 10-year vision to develop human resource capacity with a full set of skills to meet challenges related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Ghana. The twinning of African and United States (US) institutions supported by USAID and Higher Education for Development (HED) Africa-U.S. Higher Education Initiative provides an opportunity for shared learning, enhances capacity building, empowers the partner institutions to contribute more effectively to African development and transformation, and promotes USAID's regional goals.


  1. Curriculum Development: Improve academic programs in HIV/AIDS resulting in pre-service training for a skilled multidisciplinary workforce responsive to HIV/AIDS treatment, and prevention strategies in Ghana.
  2. Faculty Development: Develop excellence in education and research by strengthening faculty capacity at UG resulting in enhanced teaching, and applied research to effectively address challenges of HIV/AIDS in Ghana.
  3. Continuing Medical Education: Enhance competencies of healthcare professionals in Ghana through continuous and distance education resulting in enhance capacity of HIV/AIDS management.
  4. Institutional Capacity Building: Build institutional capacity of the UG resulting in better coordination of education and research and improved provision of community services in Ghana.


The strength of our US academic partners includes teaching, research, and innovation in program development, especially in response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The strength of UG is first-hand knowledge of the cultural context and real life problems challenging national development and its role as a national and regional leader.

The grant's initial phase will build on strengths at UG that will benefit their students and faculty. The second phase will involve outreach to collaborating Ghanaian universities, health institutions under the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health using both classic and cutting-edge methods. This grant will establish a National Educational Center of Excellence in HIV/AIDS at UG that will serve the broader healthcare communities of Ghana. The partnership activities will support USAID's country goals by addressing work-force capacity needs to strengthen and expand programs for HIV/AIDS care and prevention including services for the most-at-risk population (MARP).