Pre-Travel Orientation

Pre-Travel Orientation Session for Students Traveling Abroad

The GHI provides a pre-travel orientation session for students traveling abroad. MHIRT Students, Brazil Community Health Fellows, Framework Scholars, GELT Scholars and Medical School Summer Assistantship Recipients are invited to attend this one-day training session.

The orientation session covers the following topics:

  • global health basics
  • personal health and safety
  • vaccinations
  • cultural issues
  • practical advice for living overseas
  • responsible conduct in research

Please see below for pre-travel training materials:

The Practitioner's Guide to Global Health
Learn how to safely and effectively participate in global health rotations and projects.  Whether you’re considering a global health learning experience such as a clinical rotation, a research project, or volunteer work, or are preparing to work abroad, this is the course for you!

How NOT to save the world: Why U.S. students who go to poor countries to 'do good' often do the opposite 

During Your Global Health Elective

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