Message from the Dean and the Global Health Initiative

Since January 2010, all of the faculty, staff and students at Alpert Medical School have been and continue to be deeply concerned by the suffering of the people of Haiti following the terrible earthquake.  A number of Brown faculty and students provided emergency medical care, many in collaboration with Partners in Health, with whom they have collaborated for many years.

Brown faculty, residents, and students have also worked closely with Hospital Albert Schweitzer and The Haitian Project.  These organizations have requested continued long-term collaborative support to help rebuild Haiti and also for us to provide additional medical care and support.

Shortly before the catastrophe, Alpert Medical School had developed a collaborative arrangement with students at three Haitian medical schools – the University of Notre Dame, the State Medical School, and the Quisqueya Medical School.  This new collaboration will enable Haitian medical students to come to Brown for electives in ambulatory medical care, internal medicine, and infectious diseases.  The devastation in Haiti has, understandably, delayed the launch of this important new exchange. But we hope that it will start soon.

The Global Health Initiative at Brown was developed in order to provide a multi-faceted response to the challenges of health care and public health in resource-limited countries.  In collaboration with the Office of Global Engagement, and under the leadership of Dr. Susan Cu-Uvin, a committee has been formed to develop long-term partnerships with key collaborating institutions in Haiti so that Brown can aid in formulating a sustainable response to the health care crisis there.

As the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, Haiti deserves our ongoing concern and support. We are committed to focusing our expertise and experience, our problem-solving skills, and all of the resources we can deliver on our ultimate goal of helping our Haitian colleagues continue to improve their health care system in service to their country and its people.


Dean Wing signature
Edward J. Wing, MD
Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences 

Susan Cu-Uvin signature
Susan Cu-Uvin, MD
Director, Global Health Initiative