Yong Suk Lee, PhD

Yong Suk Lee, PhD, MPP
Assistant Professor of Economics, Williams College
Faculty, Center for Development Economics

 YongYong Suk Lee, PhD, MPPYong Suk Lee, PhD, MPP Suk Lee, PhD, MPP, is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Williams College, and a faculty member at the Center for Development Economics. Dr. Lee examines how the institutional settings for publicly provided goods (aid, education, health) impact economic development and inequality and how disasters impact migration and local economic growth. One of his research examines disaster aid delivery after the tsunami in Aceh, Indonesia and finds that the organization of disaster aid delivery between donor agencies and implementing agencies impacts the quality of housing and boat aid. He has conducted field work and surveys of fishing villages in Aceh, Indonesia and is currently examining health utilization, outcome, and supply in the region. His other projects examine how wage subsidies impact the quality of care provided in nursing homes and how student allocation rules impact intergenerational economic mobility.

Yong received his PhD in Economics from Brown University and comes from a diverse academic and professional background. He received a Master of Public Policy from Duke University and a Bachelor degree in architecture from Seoul National University. As he made the transition from architecture to economics, he worked as an architecture designer and urban development consultant for five years.