Med School programs provide assistance for refugees

An article in the Brown Daily Herald last week highlights the ways in which Alpert Medical School is trying to provide support to refugee children in Rhode Island. Visit this link to read the article in full:

(Distributed March 13, 2017)

Health on Wheels

Health Screening of Bangladeshi Garment Workers:

Brown University researcher Dr. Ruhl Abid recently received $235,305 for his project, “Technical Assistance for Understanding Disease Burden Among Bangladeshi Garment Workers” from Crown Agents/Department for International Development (DFID), UKAID, Joint Donor Technical Assistance Fund (JDTAF).

(Distributed November 1, 2016)


Ukraine's Public Health Challenge

Several Brown University Ukraine Collaboration members recently published pieces discussing Ukraine's public health challenges in the online magazine "Krytyka" (Ukrainian: Критика; "Critique"). Krytyka is a Ukrainian intellectual monthly/bi-monthly magazine and publishing house dedicated to in-depth analysis of current affairs, culture and book reviews in Ukraine and the region.

(Distributed October 27, 2016)

HIV Summit in Accra, Ghana - April 25-26, 2012

Physicians from Brown University travel to Ghana for an HIV symposium in April.

The HIVVisiting Ghana/AIDS pandemic in Africa is a pervasive issue. Those who are fortunate enough to be healthy are still participa  nts in a society carrying a heavy and awful burden. Advancing medical education in Africa is not only important to improving health care, but also to brightening the continent's economic future. Brown is leading an effort to help.

(Distributed April 6, 2012)

Brown University/Ukraine Collaboration

This joint collaboration is with the Brown University Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) and HIV health and service providers in Ukraine through the support of the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation. This collaboration engages the resources of Brown University to work with Ukrainian health providers to address the challenges of the HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) epidemics for children, women and their family members in Ukraine.  

(Distributed April 6, 2012)
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