Fordham University

Fordham University's International Institute of Humanitarian Affairs

The Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs (IIHA) at Fordham University was created in 2001. The IIHA is committed to professionalizing the humanitarian workforce, improving humanitarian assistance through research, and promoting the implementation of evidence-based practice. To this end, the IIHA offers highly regarded practical and academic humanitarian education, forges partnerships with relief organizations, hosts symposia related to humanitarian assistance, and conducts research relating to complex emergencies and humanitarian responses. The IIHA places particular emphasis on the important role of aid-workers and organizations from the global south.

The IIHA promotes humanitarian education at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. At the undergraduate level, the IIHA offers an International Humanitarian Affairs Minor. Students learn the academic and theoretical frameworks of humanitarian crises and responses through classroom teaching, international fieldwork, and internship placements. At the graduate level, the IIHA offers a Master’s Degree in International Humanitarian Action (MIHA). Like the undergraduate curriculum, the graduate degree is comprised of both academic and practical training. The MIHA encompasses four modules: the International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance, the International Diploma in the Management of Humanitarian Action, the International Diploma in Operational Humanitarian Assistance and the International Diploma in Humanitarian Leadership. These modules are offered in over 15 countries throughout the world, which allows students to combine academic training with fieldwork, and also allows students to gain a global perspective necessary for humanitarian relief. Additionally, with training centers around the world, the courses are more easily accessible to aid workers from the global south.

The IIHA has trained nearly over 1,700 students from 133 countries. The IIHA also hosts symposia and publishes research in order to disseminate knowledge to an even broader audience.