Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

1. When is the deadline for submitting the application?

The deadline is November 1.

2. When are the letters of recommendation due?

Recommenders must submit their letters by November 15.

3. How many letters of recommendation are required?

Two letters are required.  As part of the application process you must provide the names and email addresses of the two individuals who will be writing your letters, and Fluid Review will automatically contact them.

4. Can I submit my application before my letters of recommendation have arrived?

Yes, you must submit your application by the November 1 deadline even if the letters of recommendation have not yet been submitted by that date.

5. Can I submit proposals in more than one field?

No, you can submit an application in only one field.

6. If I do not exactly meet the requirements for early mid-career, can I still apply?

There is a section on the application where you can explain your situation and offer reasons why you still consider yourself early mid-career and are applying even though you may not strictly meet the Foundation’s definition.

7. If I need help in filling out my application, is there a help line on the website?

Yes, click on the HELP link on the upper right side of the application page.

8. Who should write my letters of recommendation?

Your letters should be written by colleagues and mentors who are familiar with your work. If you send them a copy of your proposed project then they can include comments on your proposal as well.

9. Is there a residency requirement?

The fellowship has no provision for a residency, other than that stated as one of the requirements of the fellowship, i.e., that the applicant must be living and working in the United States.

10. When are the fellowships awarded?

The fellowships are awarded in April.

11. Can I include a bibliography with my project?

You may include a bibliography and it will not count in the three -page project description.

12. Do I have to take the fellowship this year?

You have up to four years to take the fellowship.

13. Who will be reading the applications – someone in the announced field or other scholars?

Individuals in the announced field will read the applications.

14. Can the project be a continuation of my dissertation or should it be a new topic?

The project needs to be a new undertaking for you.

15. Is there a limit to how much supporting work I can upload?

Yes, you are required as part of the application process to upload a writing sample of no more than 20 pages OR work represented in no more than 10 images (depending on the field in which you are applying).

16. May I provide any additional supporting material?

You may supply URLs for additional material on the application form, but you are not required to do so.

17. Is the fellowship stipend paid to individuals or to their institutions?

The fellowship stipend can be paid to the individual or to the institution. That is your choice. The funds are often used to supplement a sabbatical leave.

18. Is there a limit on the pages for the project description?

Yes, three double-spaced pages. We estimate that this should be 800-900 words, but there is not a specific limit on the number of words.

19. What is the amount of the fellowship for this year?

The amount of the fellowship is currently $35,000.