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Montek Singh Ahluwalia, OP Jindal Distinguished Lecturer, "India's Future Prospects and Policy Imperatives"
October 28, 2015 

Montek Singh Ahluwalia, OP Jindal Distinguished Lecturer, "India's Economic Performance: A Retrospective Assessment"
October 26, 2015 

Dennis Dalton, "Gandhi at the Center of Modern Indian Intellectual Discourse"
October 1, 2015 

Aseema Sinha, Brown-Harvard-MIT Joint Seminar, "South Asian Politics Presets: Degrees of Clientelism in the World's Largest Democracy"
September 25.2015 

Tariq Thachil, "Book Adda featuring Elite Parties, Poor Voters: Social Services as Electoral Strategy in India"
 September 18, 2015

William Dalrymple, OP Jindal Distinguished Lecturer, "Afghanistan: Return of a King, Redux | The lessons of a 19th century catastrophe"
May 1, 2015 

William Dalrymple, OP Jindal Distinguished Lecturer, "The East India Company: The original corporate Raiders"
 April 28, 2015

Bhrigupati Singh, "Book Adda and Art Show featuring Poverty and the Quest for Life: Spiritual and Material Striving in Rural India"
April 3, 2015

Leela Gandhi, "Book Adda featuring The Common Cause: Postcolonial Ethics and Democracy, 1900-1955"
March 16, 2015

Pradeep Chhibber, "Book Adda featuring Religious Practice and Democracy in India"
February 6, 2015

Jairam Ramesh, "India's Growth-Ecology-Democracy Relationship"
November 19, 2014 

Jairam Ramesh, "The Rights-based Legislation Era in India 2004-14"
November 17, 2014 

Ashutosh Varshney and Patrick Heller, "Citizenship and Public Service Delivery: Evidence from Bangalore"
October 31, 2014 

Rahul Pandita (Senior Editor, The Hindu)
Ashutosh Varshney (Political Science)
Prerna Singh (Political Science),
"The 2014 Elections and India's New Government: a Panel Discussion"

October 17, 2014 

Ambassador Nirupama Rao, "The Politics of History: India and China, 1949-1962"
September 19, 2014

Pratap B. Mehta, “India’s Political Economy: Towards a New Framework”
April 18, 2014

Johnathan Shanin, Rana Dasgupta, and Ashutosh Varshney, “Writing India: Two Authors and an Editor”
April 15, 2014

Vikramāditya Prakāsh, “DERURALIZATION - Le Corbusier’s Capitol in Globalizing Chandigarh”
April 8, 2014

Ashwini Deshpande, “Is Self-Employment the Answer to Caste Discrimination?”
April 7, 2014

Ashis Nandy, “Beyond Trauma: Silence, Exorcism and the Doomed Journey to a Lost Self”
March 14, 2014

Ashis Nandy, “Forgetting the Unforgettable: Memories of Killing”
March 12, 2014

Jeffrey Witsoe, “Caste, Democracy and the Postcolonial State: A View from Bihar”
February 7, 2014

Sudhir Krishnaswamy, “India’s Republican Constitution: Locating Directive Principles of State Policy”
November 15, 2013

Ram Guha, “Arguments with Gandhi: Was Gandhi an Environmentalist?”
November 8, 2013

Ram Guha, “Arguments with Gandhi: Gandhi, Ambedkar, and the Dalit Question”
November 6, 2013

Ram Guha, “Arguments with Gandhi: The Diasporic Roots of Gandhi’s Pluralism”
November 5, 2013

Beatrice Jauregui, “Beatings, Beacons, and Big Men: Police Disempowerment and Delegitimation in India”
November 1, 2013

Maya Tudor, “The Promise of Power: The Origins of Democracy in India and Autocracy in Pakistan”
October 11, 2013 

Amartya Sen, “Why Is the Penalty of Inequality So High in India?”
September 19, 2013

Yogendra Yadav,“The Idea of Equality in 20th Century India”
May 3, 2013

Coming soon: Ashley Tellis,“Has Indian Democracy Undermined Indian Security?”
April 26, 2013

Ashley Tellis,“Dragon Rising: The Implications of China’s Ascendancy for India's Security”
April 25, 2013

South Asian Studies Conference, Questioning Marginality: Dalits and Muslims in Urban India
April 18-20, 2013

Ananya Vajpeyi,“B.R Ambedkar: Reshaping the Political Imagination in Modern India”
April 5, 2013

Gyanendra Pandey, “Modern Prejudice: ‘Vernacular’ and ‘Universal’”
March 15, 2013

Ruby Lal, “Coming of Age in Nineteenth-Century India: The Girl-Child and the Art of Playfulness”
March 14, 2013

Gabrielle Kruks-Wisner, “Citizen Claim-Making Strategies in Rural Rajasthan: Who Makes Demands for Public Services and How?”
March 8, 2013

Emmanuel Teitelbaum, “Low-Profile Resources and Insurgent Violence: Evidence from India”
November 30, 2012

Kaushik Basu, “From the Slopes of Raisina Hill: India’s Economic Reforms and Prospects”
Watch Part I here. Watch Part II here.

Simon Chauchard, “Do Electoral Quotas Affect Beliefs About the Scheduled Castes? Evidence From Rural India” 
November 2, 2012

Barkha Dutt & Rachel Dwyer, “Celebration of the Life of Yash Chopra 1932-2012”
October 24, 2012

Barkha Dutt, “The Unquiet Land: Exploring India’s Fault Lines”
October 19, 2012

Rana Dasgupta, “Intimations of Futurity: Delhi, New Elites and the World”
October 12, 2012

Uday Mehta, “Gandhi’s Ambivalence Towards Democracy”
October 5, 2012

His Excellency, Minister for External Affairs, Government of India, SM Krishna, “India’s Foreign Policy: Priorities for the 21st Century”
September 28, 2012

Partha Chatterjee, “Soccer and Collective Identity in Colonial Calcutta”
September 21, 2012

Ashutosh Varshney, “How is the growth in India and China different?”
November 14, 2011