Internship Partners

Center for Policy Research, Delhi

The Center for Policy Research (CPR) is an independent and non-partisan research institute and think tank. Its main objectives are to provide thought leadership and creative solutions that address pressing intellectual and policy issues. It is one of the 27 national social science research institutes recognized by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Government of India. It is set apart by its multi-disciplinary approach and unique blend of scholarship and practical expertise. CPR’s faculty has considerable impact on policy and public debates. For more information, see

Janaagraha, Bangalore

Janaagraha is a non-profit organization based in Bangalore, India that works with citizens and the government to improve the quality of life in Indian cities and towns. The term 'quality of life' as defined by Janaagraha has two distinct and inter-related aspects. The first aspect concerns the 'quality of urban infrastructure and services'. The second aspect accounts for the 'quality of citizenship' - the role that urban residents play by participating in civic issues.

Founded in 2001 by Ramesh and Swati Ramanathan, Janaagraha started as a movement to enable citizen participation in public governance. It has now evolved into a robust institution for Citizenship and Democracy. For more information, see

PRADAN, New Delhi

A voluntary organization, PRADAN, believes that the path towards conquering economic poverty is through enhancing the livelihood capabilities of the poor and giving them access to sustainable income earning opportunities.  In the process, the poor must be enabled to break free from their past, develop an alternative vision of their future and set achievable goals.  They must be equipped with the technical, organisational, negotiating, and networking skills that will facilitate the fulfillment of their goals. PRADAN'S aim is to stimulate and support poor women and men to dream of a better future and stimulate their sense of agency as they endeavour to enhance incomes, improve access to services or claim rights and entitlements. For more information:

Seva Mandir, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Seva Mandir is one of India’s leading development nonprofit organizations.  Founded in 1968, Seva Mandir currently partners with 360,000 people across 700 villages of southern Rajasthan.  It runs a comprehensive range of programs in primary education, maternal and infant healthcare, natural resource development and sustainability, women’s empowerment and social enterprise.  All of Seva Mandir’s work, in keeping with Gandhian ideals of self-governance, is done in partnership with elected village forums that allow community members to take a lead role in the development process and strengthen the village’s independent ability to build a better life and democracy.  The organization welcomes over 100 interns every year seeking experience in the international development sector at the grassroots level.  For more information see

YRGCARE, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

YRGCARE began its services in the year 1993. Over the years, it has gradually shaped and honed a comprehensive response to the HIV/AIDS challenge. Today its successful models ofPrevention ProgramsLaboratory Services and Care and Support programmes have drawn international acclaim from UNICEF, WHO and the Red Cross.  Brown has worked closely with YRGCARE for more than a decade.  Students interested in research or internship opportunities should contact, Brown Professor of Medicine, Rami Kantor.  For more information visit: