Brown University

Opening Concert and Reception with Shankar Tucker

August 30, 2013

Friday, September 13 at 5:00 PM
Alumnae Auditorium, 194 Meeting St.
Free and Open to the Public

Shankar Tucker is an American clarinetist and music composer. He rose to fame with the popularity of his online music series called "The ShrutiBox". The Shrutibox features his compositions and was released online on platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud.  He is now debuting as the Music Composer for a Bilingual Indian feature film, 'Orey Nyabagam' (Tamil) / 'Nee Vaipe' (Telugu), written and directed by Vignarajan, an associate of renowned Tamil film director Radhamohan.

The ShrutiBox YouTube channel has amassed more than 15 million views in around two years. Songs from the ShrutiBox also featured in MTV India's Roots program which features artists with strong South Asian music influence.
 Shankar Tucker was an invited speaker at TEDx Gateway conference in Mumbai and TEDxCEG in Chennai. On June 9, 2013, Shankar Tucker uploaded a new video titled, 'Shankar's New Album and Video Series' on his Youtube channel where he explained about his project to make a new album and video series for which he needs contributions from his audience. A link was provided to his Kickstarter page from the youtube video, where people could donate to the project. The target was to pledge $20,000 before August 1, 2013. But due to his huge popularity, his project reached the target of raising $20,000 in just 6 days.