Brown University

Pradeep Chhibber - Mobilizing Identities: Religious Practice and Political Action in India

September 26, 2013

The joint Brown-Harvard-MIT South Asian Politics Seminar begins its Fall 2013 series with a talk by UC Berkeley professor of political science Pradeep Chhibber, whose work focuses on Indian politics and party systems.

Professor Chhibber's talk, titled "Mobilizing Identities: Religious Practice and Political Action in India" and based on his recently published paper, will discuss recent survey experiments that examine when religion can be mobilized both as an identity and in politics, and how Muslims and Hindus in India respond differently to religious cues in political appeals.

Professor Chibber is the Indo-American Community Chair in India Studies at UC Berkeley and has authored or co-authored several award-winning books, including Democracy without Associations: Transformation of Party Systems and Social Cleavages in India and The Formation of National Party Systems: Federalism and Party Competition in Canada, Great Britain, India, and the United States. He a leading columnist with the Indian Express, most recently writing on election spending limits and criminality in Indian politics. His upcoming book, Religious Practice and Democracy, will expand on themes presented in Friday's talk.


Please join us:
Friday Sep. 27th 2:30-4:30pm
MIT Center for International Studies
Lucian Pye Conference Room, E40-496
1 Amherst St., Cambridge MA 02142

Free and open to the public

This seminar series is co-sponsored by the Watson Institute at Brown University, the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University and the MIT Center for International Studies.