Brown University

South Asian Politics Seminar: America, India, and the War for Bangladesh | Gary Bass

November 18, 2013

Please join us this Friday at Harvard's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs for the last of this semester's talks in the joint Brown-Harvard-MIT South Asian Politics Seminar, featuring professor Gary Bass from Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs.

In this talk, professor Bass will be drawing from his recently published book, The Blood Telegram: Nixon, Kissinger, and a Forgotten Genocide, in which he brings to light the role played by the two men in the humanitarian crisis that led to the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands, mostly Hindu, were killed and ten million refugees were sent fleeing to India by Pakistani soldiers in what Bass quotes American diplomats in the region as calling “selective genocide” in telegrams to Washington. Nixon and Kissinger stood by, eventually choosing to send military planes and other equipment to their ally, Pakistan – and thus playing a role in furthering a conflict that has defined this region of the world since the 1940s.

Gary Bass is professor of politics and international affairs at Princeton, and has written academic articles and book chapters on human rights and international justice. A former reporter for The Economist, he has also written for the New York Times, The New Yorker, Foreign Affairs, and many other publications. His previous books include Freedom's Battle: The Origins of Humanitarian Intervention (2008) and Stay the Hand of Vengeance: The Politics of War Crimes Tribunals (2001).