Brown University

South Asian Politics Seminar: "The State and the Market in the Delivery of Primary Education in India: Theory and Evidence" | Karthik Marulidharan, UCSD

April 3, 2014

Join us on April 4th at Harvard for the second talk in this semester’s Brown-Harvard-MIT Joint Seminar on South Asian Politics. India suffers from desperately low educational outcomes despite a sustained increase over the past decade in enrolment and in other input-related performance indicators. At the same time, the proportion of students attending private school, even in rural areas of the country, has increased substantially. What role can public and private actors play in increasing educational outcomes, and what policies and procedures may put the country on the path to change? Karthik Muralidharan relies on years on quantitative research to discuss these questions.

Prof. Muralidharan is an assistant professor of economics at the University of California, San Diego, whose research interests center around development, public and labor economics, especially on the quality of public service delivery. He has published dozens of articles on public education, teacher absenteeism and on solutions to schooling failures in India.

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Friday, April 4th | 2:30pm
Weatherhead Center, Harvard, CGIS Knafel building room K031