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Nirupuma Rao and Atul Pokharel in The Hindu: "As long as the Nepalis perceive the outcomes of the special relationship between India and Nepal to be unfair, it will be difficult to secure their cooperation. It is up to Mr. Modi to change that."

India's Economic Performance: A Retrospective Assessment

Student Presentations

Student Presentations
The Brown-Harvard-MIT Joint Seminar on South Asian Politics Presents: Sandip Suk
How MNREGA Affect Rural Labor Markets and Incomes

Dennis Dalton, Professor Emeritus, Barnard College, Columbia University
The Aftermath:  Reflections on Terror and Performance
Professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University

An interdisciplinary discussion of Elite Parties, Poor Voters

Ashutosh Varshney in the India Express, "India is also witnessing yet another feature typical of democracies: election victories alone, however spectacular, cannot sustain political legitimacy."

William Dalrymple, the acclaimed Scottish writer, historian, and critic, is the author of numerous articles and nine books, including his “East India Company” trilogy: White Mughals, The Last Mughal, and Return of a King: the Battle for Afghanistan. Before delivering the Brown-India Initiative’s O.P. Jindal Distinguished Lecture (the second of two such lectures this week), Dalrymple shared his thoughts on writing narrative history, and on whether he is a writer or a historian.