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Join us on Friday to welcome former Indian Ambassador to the United States and Meera and Vikram Gandhi Fellow, Nirupama Rao. She will be presenting her lecture: The Politics of History: India and China, 1949-1962.

Shivaji Mukherjee, University of Toronto Presents: Colonial Origins of Maoist Insurgency in India: Historical Legacies of British Indirect Rule

Adda is a word used in several South Asian languages to indicate an intense, enjoyable conversational practice or setting, usually associated with free speech, friendship and democratic social formations

In his latest Indian Express column, Professor Ashutosh Varshney argues that thus far, Prime Minister Modi has pursued the path of pragmatism, not ideological correctness. The balance between governance and ideology, however, remains precarious.
 Extensive Election Coverage by Barkha Dutt Former Meera and Vikram Gandhi Fello
Extensive Election Coverage by Barkha Dutt Former Meera and Vikram Gandhi Fellow

There is at least one institutional sense in which Modi seems to depart from Indira Gandhi. Unlike her erosion of federalism, Modi has repeatedly announced his support for deepening federalism.

Professor Ashutosh Varshney and Professor Patrick Heller will lead a forum on India's 2014 Elections on Saturday, May 24. Join us for 2014 Commencement Forums and explore the breadth of knowledge and experience in the Brown community, and help celebrate Brown's many triumphs in education, research, and service.

Read Professor Ashutosh Varshney's Financial Times column on Narendra Modi's landslide victory. Prof Varshney discusses key factors in the Modi campaign that secured his triumph, and ponders the future of Mr Modi's relationship with the RSS and its implications for India's economic ressurection.

Harvard's Lakshmi Iyer speaks on Politician Identity and Religious Violence in India

Join novelist Rana Dasgupta and a host of other discussants for an open-ended conversation regarding the social, economic and ideological platforms held by contending parties in the ongoing Indian national elections, and their implications for India's future.