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The Sport for Development and Peace Sector

Football in International Relations
Richard Giulianotti

Since the late 1990s, we have witnessed the emergence and exponential growth of what has become known as the Sport for Development and Peace (SDP) sec- tor. SDP projects use sport as an interventionist tool to promote different types of social development and peaceful social relations across the world. While SDP projects are implemented in both the Global North and South, they tend to be sited in developing regions and in war-torn or post-conflict settings. It is not possible to provide a complete picture or final calculation of SDP projects, but it might be reasonably estimated that there are now thousands of these initiatives across the world, varying greatly in scale, duration, and mission. The goals that are pursued across the SDP sector include poverty reduction; the education of young people; health promotion and disease prevention education; women's empowerment; and peace building, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in post-conflict contexts.