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The 2014 Ebola Pandemic: Effects, Response, and Prospects for Recovery

Global Health
Amadou Sy
Amy Copley

"This paper presents and analyzes the channels through which the Ebola epidemic has affected and continues to influence the economies of the three most affected West African countries. In particular, we highlight the effects of mobil- ity restrictions on trade and investment and on the key sectors of agriculture, mining, and tourism. We also examine the fiscal challenges that governments in affected countries must overcome due to the outbreak and discuss risks to their domestic financial sectors. Finally, we explore the economic spillover effects and the overall impact of the crisis on neighboring countries and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa. "


Amadou Sy is director of the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Institution and a member of the Editorial Board of the Global Credit Review. He was previously deputy division chief at the International Monetary Fund. His research focuses on banking, capital markets, and macroeconomics in Africa and emerging markets.

Amy Copley is project coordinator and research assistant of the Africa Growth Initiative at the Brookings Instiution. She holds a Master’s of Science degree from the London School of Economics in international development and humanitarian emergencies. Her research interests include the interplay between conflict and development.