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The Conflict Resolution Field: Reflections on Multiple Realities, Challenges, and Geographical Divides

Conflict Resolution
Nimet Beriker

Conflict resolution (CR) is an intellectually stimulating field of inquiry, not only due to its inherent appeal, but also to the multiplicity and complexity of the challenges that it offers its scholarly community. It encompasses a variety of fascinating topics, ranging from hostage negotiations and divorce mediation to artistic dimensions of peacemaking. Answers to CR research questions must often be sought through the use of multiple techniques as diverse as laboratory simulations and oral history. Moreover, locals in a conflict zone might view practitioners of conflict resolution alternately as agents of change and peace lovers, with whom they sympathize, or as imperialists, whom they detest. Furthermore, there is no agreement within the field as to what the practice of CR actually constitutes. Nevertheless, CR is rapidly growing and increasingly making contributions to knowledge production and to finding non-violent solutions to conflicts. 

Nimet Beriker is the chair and professor of conflict resolution in the Political Science and International Relations Department at Artuklu University, Turkey. Her research focuses on international negotiation, dynamics of third-party intervention, international conflict resolution, and foreign policy analysis.