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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
Robert A. Rogowsky
Keith E. Maskus
Rod Hunter

Given the recent intensification of news and debate around the Trans-Pacific Part- nership, intellectual property rights have faced increasing scrutiny. Businesses, governments, advocacy groups, and others have reached divergent conclusions on the impact of IP protections on economic growth, inequality, and fairness. Does a strict IP regime, for example, foster innovation, or does it inhibit access to affordable pharmaceuticals in developing countries? In this section, three preeminent experts discuss the current climate around IP protections and com- ment on the highly consequential changes occurring globally in this field. First, Robert A. Rogowsky examines the potential consequences of applying an IP structure in the image of the United States’ to all TPP members. Keith E. Maskus analyzes the evolution of China’s system of intellectual property rights over the past several decades and speculates on how the TPP and other regional agree- ments will affect China’s role in the global economy moving forward. Finally, Rod Hunter lays out the advantages of a robust international IP regime. This selection of works intends to shed light on the current and future role of IP protections in international relations and an increasingly globalized economy. 

The Face of Intellectual Property  by Ava Code - Williams