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Sexual Health

Sexual Health
Ann M. Starrs and Ragnar Anderson
John Blevins
Joanna N. Erdman
Mary Guinn Delaney
Leila Hessini

As the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to have devastating im- pacts around the world, and as the global focus on efficacious sexual education increases, sexual health has become a key issue in international affairs. This section seeks to explore the inter-workings of national and subnational efforts to improve upon sexual health, while also examining global trends and standards. It begins with a piece from Ann M. Starrs and Ragnar Anderson that engages with evolving conceptions of sexual health and ultimately argues for a multilevel approach to help drive a global consensus on the term’s definition. Next, John Blevins provides original scholarship and data on the complex role Kenyan faith-based organizations play in providing HIV prevention services to adolescents in their communities. Continuing the conversation on sexual health on the African continent, Joanna N. Erdman examines abortion rights in Sierra Leone, as well as in Ireland, with respect to both nations’ postcolonial political contexts. An interview with Mary Guinn Delaney, Senior Health Advisor for Latin America at UNESCO, discusses the organization’s efforts to expand sexual education and rights in Latin America, working with socially liberal and socially conservative governments alike. Finally, Leila Hessini explores attempts to reframe and redefine sexual rights in majority- Muslim contexts. 

A Demand for Expanded Abortion Rights in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Tomás Navia