Delegation from Nanjing University Visits Brown

October 4, 2013
Brown's Office of International Affairs hosted five Nanjing University deans to plan next steps for the partnership between the two institutions.  The Nanjing University delegation included:

  • Cong Cong, Deputy Dean for the Institute for Advance Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Wang Haixiao, Dean of the Department of Applied Foreign Language Studies
  • Xu Xingwu, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts
  • Zhou Xiaohong, Dean of the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Zhu Gang, Dean of the School of Foreign Studies

Meetings were held with Kevin McLaughlin, Dean of the Faculty; David Savitz, Vice President for Resarch; Edward Steinfeld, Dean’s Professor of China Studies and Professor of Political Science; and, other members of the Brown faculty to discuss ways to further institutional collaboration for the benefit of students and research. Dean Zhou Xiaohong also delivered a lecture, "Globalization, Social Transformation, and the Chinese Middle Classes."

(Distributed October 7, 2013)

Nanjing and Brown Universities Meet to Discuss Further Collaboration

October 25-30, 2012
Nanjing University Vice President Yang Zhong and Deputy Dean Cong Cong traveled to Brown University to attend the inauguration of Brown University President Christina Paxson and meet with Brown's academic leadership. Meetings were held with President Paxson, Provost Mark Schlissel, Vice President of International Affairs Matthew Gutmann, Pembroke Center Director Kay Warren, Cogut Center Director Michael Steinberg, East Asian Studies Faculty Chair Kerry Smith, Nanjing-Brown Joint Program Co-Director Lingzhen Wang, and many senior faculty members, including John Logan (Sociology) and Vincent Mor (Medicine). Discussions centered on how to further consolidate and expand Nanjing-Brown collaborations in gender studies and the humanities, and how to renew Nanjing-Brown partnerships in public health, medical Studies, and urban studies.

(Distributed October 30, 2012)

International Conference on Gender Research in Chinese Studies

Scholars from Brown University, Nanjing University, Hong Kong University, Wellesley College, McGill University, Shanghai China -Eastern University, University of California-Davis, Shanghai University, Xiamen University, Nanjing Normal University, University of Chicago, Dalian University, Rice University, University of Paris VII, City University of New York, and Chinese University of Hong Kong participated in a three-day conference exploring gender issues relating to late imperial Chinese literature and culture, (trans)gender performance and the body, modern Chinese literature, history, and culture, and the market era. The conference also included a roundtable discussion concerning feminism, theory and practice, and keynote speeches from Kam Louie (Hong Kong University), Tani Barlow (Rice University), Julia Kristeva (University of Paris VII), and Kay Warren (Brown University).

(Distributed June 10, 2012)
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