Nanjing and Brown Universities Meet to Discuss Further Collaboration

October 30, 2012

October 25-30, 2012
Nanjing University Vice President Yang Zhong and Deputy Dean Cong Cong traveled to Brown University to attend the inauguration of Brown University President Christina Paxson and meet with Brown's academic leadership. Meetings were held with President Paxson, Provost Mark Schlissel, Vice President of International Affairs Matthew Gutmann, Pembroke Center Director Kay Warren, Cogut Center Director Michael Steinberg, East Asian Studies Faculty Chair Kerry Smith, Nanjing-Brown Joint Program Co-Director Lingzhen Wang, and many senior faculty members, including John Logan (Sociology) and Vincent Mor (Medicine). Discussions centered on how to further consolidate and expand Nanjing-Brown collaborations in gender studies and the humanities, and how to renew Nanjing-Brown partnerships in public health, medical Studies, and urban studies.