About the Project

Pembroke Center Oral History Project: Capturing the history of women, transgender, and gender non-binary members of Brown University

Since 1982, the Pembroke Center has documented the experiences of women who attended Brown University and Pembroke College by collecting interviews with alumnae, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds, academic and extracurricular interests, and life experiences. In 2018 the project welcomed its first two interviews with transgender students. In order to promote gender inclusivity in the collection the project's name was changed from Brown Women Speak to the Pembroke Center Oral History Project in 2019.   

This website was created in 2012 to make these unique first-hand stories accessible to students, researchers, alums, and other users interested in learning about the rich history of women, transgender, and gender non-binary people at Brown University. This site features a growing collection of digitized interviews and transcripts, as well as supplementary materials that include biographical sketches and yearbook photographs. We invite you to explore the oral histories, photos, and related materials. 


The digitization of these interviews has been sponsored by the Friends of the Pembroke Center, a group of alumnae and friends that supports the activities of the Pembroke Center and their governing body, the Pembroke Center Advisory Council.

Yearbook photographs have been scanned from Brun Mael and Liber Brunensis

We extend special thanks to the Brown University Library and to the following students, staff, and alumnae for contributing to this project:

Barbara Anton

Krystal Appiah AM '11

Christy Law Blanchard

Sarah Bochicchio '16

Bill Bordac

Kian Braulik '24

Sara Erkal '16

Abigail Ettelman AM '14

Rebecca Forman '16

Lorena Garcia '12

Elisa Glubok '14

Emily Gonzalez

Amy Greer

Sandra Haley

Martha Hamblett

Peter Higgins

Amanda Knox

Wendy Korwin

Jane Lancaster PhD '98

Karen Lamoree

Gabrielle Makari '15

Marcus Mamourian '18

Isabel Martin '18

Jean Miller '49

Mary Murphy

Renee Neeley

Sebastián Castro Niculescu '20

Whitney Pape

Daniel Putnam '16

Joy Rodowicz

Phyllis Santry '66

Claudia Schechter '66

Anna Steinberg '19

Justin Uhr

Enid Wilson '43

For more information, please contact the Pembroke Center Archives at  [email protected] or (401) 863-6268.