How to Search

Interviewees are identified in this project according to their name at graduation and as listed in the yearbook. To search for an individual, type their first and/or last name into the search box on the right. A conversion chart including interviewees' names at graduation and current name is available on the Name Conversion Chart on the left.

Each interview is tagged with relevant subject headings and the decade of the interviewee's graduation year, or years served at Brown University if the interviewee was a faculty member. These appear on the bar at the right. To search by graduation year or topic, click any of the tags on the right.

Abstracts and transcripts are also searchable. Type any keyword into the search box on the right to find related interviews or open individual transcripts and directly search the document by keyword. 

The audio or video recording, transcript, date of interview (when available), interviewer's name, subject headings, and additional information, can be found by selecting the interviewee's page. For more biographical or historical context, select the interviewee's name on the right of their page.   

If you have a question about searching the Pembroke Center Oral History Project please contact the Pembroke Center at [email protected]