Helena Patricia Hogan, class of 1930

Helena Patricia Hogan, class of 1930

Helena Patricia Hogan was born in 1908 in County Clare, Ireland and grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She attended Pembroke College and graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma Xi with an A.B. in Psychology. She later earned her A.M. in Psychology from Brown University and worked as a clinical psychologist, performing psychological tests for governmental agencies and hospitals around the United States. She was a very active alumna, serving as President of the Pembroke College Alumnae Association and as a member of the Pembroke-Brown merger committee.

Helena Patricia Hogan was born in Ireland and was a student in 1928 when the Women’s College in Brown University became known as Pembroke College. She worked her way through school as a commuting student, or “city girl,” who came to campus every day on the trolley. In her interview, Hogan describes buildings on the Pembroke campus; her choice to major in Psychology; physical education; people she knew at Pembroke, and elements of her family history. She also explores her life after college, describing her work in teaching, testing, and grant writing. As an alumna, Hogan served as President of Pembroke Center Alumnae Association and worked on the Pembroke-Brown merger committee.  

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Recorded on Jan 12, 1998

Pembroke Center, Brown University

Interviewed by Barbara Anton