Joan Caryll Hoost, class of 1960

Joan Caryll Hoost, class of 1960

Joan Caryll Hoost was born in New York in 1939 and attended Sayville High School before entering Pembroke College in 1956. She graduated with a degree in American Civilization and spent several years as a teacher in New York and North Carolina before returning to live in Rhode Island, where she and her husband raised their three children. She has held leadership positions in the Junior League of Rhode Island, the Brown Alumnae Club of Kent County, and the Rhode Island chapter of the AAUW, among others. 

In Part 1 of this interview recorded the week of her 55th reunion, Joan Caryll Hoost describes her experiences at Pembroke College and her work as an advocate for women's causes. She shares stories about Freshman Week and her participation in the Pembroke Double Quartet, teaching fourth grade in Greensboro, North Carolina after graduation, and the Brown Alumnae Club of Kent County, RI.

Part 2 is a brief coda to the interview, in which Hoost describes the Pembroke tribute garden, a project established by Helena Patricia Hogan '30

Part 1

Part 2
Recorded on May 13, 2015

Pembroke Hall, Brown University

Interviewed by Wendy Korwin