Rochelle Miller, class of 1964

Rochelle Miller, class of 1964

Rochelle “Shelley” Miller grew up in Rhode Island and attended Hope High School in Providence, Rhode Island. She went on to graduate from Pembroke College in 1964 with an A.B. in political science and subsequently graduated from Simmons College with her masters in social work. She was coordinator of social workers for the Cranston, Rhode Island School Department and had an active private practice in social work. She was the first chairwoman of the Providence Juvenile Hearing Board.

In this interview, Rochelle “Shelley” Miller begins with her decision to attend Pembroke College and the strong support she got from her family to do so. She bemoans feeling disconnected from campus life and girls who lived in dorms because she was a “townie,” or commuter student; however she fondly recalls spending time in West House and the short time she spent living in a dorm. She remembers an immense lack of female faculty members but also having strong role models in the few who were there. A political science student, Miller speaks extensively of the guidance she obtained from Professor Peter Magrath in addition to department chair Elmer Cornwell and Dean Gretchen Tonks. She also recalls being awarded the Elisha Benjamin Andrews Scholar certificate by President Barnaby Keeney.  

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Recorded on Apr 20, 1988

Providence, Rhode Island

Interviewed by Amy Frisch