Santina L. Siena, class of 1973

Santina L. Siena, class of 1973

Santina L. Siena was born in Newark, New Jersey. She graduated from Columbia High School in 1969, and after completing a concentration Biology at Brown University, enrolled directly in Cornell Medical School. She returned to Providence to practice medicine, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. 

In this interview, Santina L. Siena begins with a discussion of her life before college and her reasons for choosing to attend Brown University. She describes the dormitories that she lived in, the requirements at Brown, and the dramatic changes in relationships between men and women during her four years of college. She also discusses becoming a doctor and the lasting friendships she has sustained with her classmates.

In Part 2, Siena reflects on Brown following the Pembroke-Brown merger as well as the institution of the new curriculum that did away with course requirements.

Part 1

Part 2
Recorded on Apr 12, 1988
Interviewed by Linda Sweeney