Susan Beth Adler, class of 1958

Susan Beth Adler, 1958

Susan Beth Adler grew up in Providence, Rhode Island with her two sisters. Her mother, Celia Ernstorf, was Brown University class of 1925 and her father, Walter Adler, was Brown University class of 1918. Adler attended Classical High School before receiving her A.B. in English and American Literature and her M.A.T from Brown University in 1958 and 1965 respectively. At Brown, she was heavily involved with Sock & Buskin theater.

In this interview, Susan Beth Adler, Pembroke College class of 1958, recalls her decades of professional and volunteer service to Rhode Island and Brown University.

Adler begins by describing her family’s long history within the Brown community, her mother being in the Pembroke class of 1925 and her father in the Brown class of 1918. She recalls living in Miller Hall and participating in Sock and Buskin – a coeducational theatre group. She briefly touches upon dating and relationships in college during the 1950s before turning to her life after Pembroke.

Adler discusses her long career at Classical High School in Providence, both as teacher and administrator, as well as teaching at Roger Williams University. Additionally, she describes in detail serving on the Board of Trustees, a branch of Brown’s bicameral Corporation, and on the Alumni Association. Adler also recalls how she developed her voice as a woman in these organizations. She closes her interview by advising young women graduation from Brown today to network within and outside of the Brown community as much as possible.

Recorded on Feb 1, 2019

Brown University Faculty Club

Interviewed by Jean Howard, Bernicestine McLeod Bailey, and Mary Murphy