Interviews by Decade: 1950s

Interviews from alumnae of the 1950s include recollections of Nancy Duke Lewis, who served as Dean from 1950-1960; academic and extracurricular activities; and social life and dating at Brown.

Image: Elizabeth Mushinsky, President of Metcalf Hall, and Ann Richards, President of Miller Hall, 1957. Miller Hall was built in 1910 as the first on-campus women's dormitory. Metcalf was built directly across from Miller in 1919, and in 1947, both dorms were joined to Andrews Hall. For more about this history of student housing at Brown, see the Encyclopedia Brunoniana and oral histories tagged with the subject Dormitories. Image source: Brun Mael.

Janice Vanderwater, Faculty

In this interview, Janice Vanderwater discusses her college education at Barnard College and her path to becoming the first female faculty member of the English department at Brown University, then the director of dramatics. She worked at Brown from 1940 until 1966 and she details how the campus, and her position as a faculty member, was transformed by World War II, including the development of coed classes and trimesters, the increase of Army students, and the decrease of male faculty that allowed for her promotions in the department.

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