Interviews by Decade: 2000s

Manya K. Rubinstein, class of 2001

In this interview, Manya Rubinstein, Brown University class of 2001, talks about opening and operating the Industrious Spirit Company in Providence during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Maria Manuela Goyanes, class of 2001

In these interviews, Maria Manuela Goyanes, Brown University class of 2001, describes why she decided to attend Brown, her experience in the Theatre Department, and her career in theatre after Brown. 

Charise Castro Smith, class of 2005

In this interview, Charise Castro Smith, Brown University class of 2005, talks about why she decided to attend Brown, what her campus experience was like, and how she pursued a career in theatre and film.

Kimberly Dan, class of 2006

In this interview, Kimberly Dan, Brown University class of 2006, describes her path since leaving Brown as well as her experience with the COVID-19 global pandemic in the Philippines.

Dan begins by explaining that she chose to attend Brown because her father insisted that if she wanted to study abroad she had to go to an Ivy League school. She also mentions having to complete a couple of courses in the Philippines and enjoying her time at Brown.

Clarice LaVerne Thompson, Faculty

In this interview, Clarice LaVerne Thompson discusses her educational and professional path to becoming a visiting professor in Africana Studies and Music Director at Brown University, and founder of RPM Voices of Rhode Island. 

Diane Straker, Staff

In this oral history captured over the course of four interviews, Diane Straker, the Pembroke Center’s administrative assistant, details her experiences living in various states along the eastern seaboard and in Saint Thomas, her daughter’s struggle with Crescentic Glomerulonephriris, and working at Brown University.

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