25th Reunion, class of 1985

The Brown University class of 1985 was an active one. The votes of over 2,000 students passed a referendum urging the university to stock suicide pills for distribution in the event of a nuclear war and almost seventy students organized a protest against General Dynamics and Raytheon when they came for recruitment sessions.

Fed up with institutionalized racism, members of the Third World community joined with the Organization of United African Peoples in a series of protests that led to a takeover of the John Carter Brown Library and resulted in the administration agreeing to investigate the possibility of opening a Third World Center. Over 200 women lead a speak-out against sexism and sexual violence on campus, particularly from fraternities. That year, Theta Delta Chi was disbanded and Phi Delta Theta was evicted from the Wriston Quad because of their overt acts of violence against women, the closure of which generated protests from the Greek community.

A tumultuous time at Brown University, the class of 1985 experienced locally what the country experienced nationally.