Beatrice McGeoch, class of 1997

Beatrice McGeoch graduated from Brown in 1997 with an AB in Comparative Literature focusing on translation. After being raised by research scientists and trained as a translator and writer, she grew up in the semi-feral culture and environment of Providence, RI, and she has lived and worked in Rhode Island ever since. She currently works as the Director of Adult Education and Literacy Services at the Community College of Rhode Island. Most commonly recognized for her work in education, she wishes more people knew about her art & illustration work. She finds refuge and hope in wild birds and plants that thrive in abandoned lots, in nature's persistent way of springing up everywhere and calling us to reckon with her.

With the experience of 40 years of life and work in both arts and education, she now feels responsible for the task of building culture for the next generations. In her work, she is attempting to activate the understanding that we are, at every moment, alive within a living environment. With her work she hopes to make it easier for humans to maintain relationships that are sustainable both with each other and with the world around them.