Elizabeth Anne Gibbons, class of 1952

Elizabeth Anne Gibbons was born on March 19, 1931 in Brownwood, Texas, a fourth-generation rancher's daughter. After completing  her senior year of high school in Colorado Springs, she earned her A.B. in Latin from Pembroke College and her Mater's degree in elementary education from Radcliffe. She married John D. Rauh in 1954 and lived in Cincinnati for thirty years, where she served on the Board of Trustees of the Playhouse-in-the-Park and was involved with the Contemporary Arts Center. After divorcing, Gibbons returned to Texas, became an active rancher, and married Jack Perryman. Gibbons was the mother of Carol Miller Rauh (1958-1991) and Daniel Gibbons Rauh. She died on January 23, 2006 near Richland Springs, Texas.