Janice Vanderwater, Faculty

Janice Vanderwater was born in Brooklyn, New York, on February 18, 1918. She earned a B.A. at Barnard College in 1938, and an M.A. from the Columbia University Teachers College. She became the first female faculty member of Brown University’s English department in 1940 when she started teaching play writing and play production. In 1942, she became the associate director of dramatics that aligned more with her training and personal interests. During World War II she taught Army men on the Brown University campus and directed Sock and Buskin productions. During a sabbatical in 1954 - 1955, she traveled to France, England, the Netherlands, and Sweden to read and study plays. In 1955 she resumed passionate management of Sock and Buskin until 1963. Vanderwater Brown was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis during this time and subsequently retired in 1966. She died in August 1999.