Marjorie Whitcomb Sallie, class of 1927

Marjorie Whitcomb Sallie, a native of Foxborough, Massachusetts, earned her A.B. in 1927 and became the first woman to be accepted into the Brown University Medical School. The Great Depression prevented her attending, however, and Marjorie entered the teaching field, receiving her M.A.T. from Smith College in 1938. She worked as a teacher and headmistress in Massachusetts, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and Michigan. She received many awards for her community service, and after retiring, continued to volunteer in public schools in Detroit. Sallie passed away in Michigan on October 19, 1986.



  • Marjorie Whitcomb Sallie, Brun Mael, 1927
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Brun Mael, 1927
  • Sigma Xi, Brun Mael, 1927