Northrop/Forman Family, 1954, 1981, 2013

Diane Lake Northrop '54, P '81, GP '13, '16 grew up in southwestern Connecticut and graduated from a New Haven high school. She attended Pembroke College and graduated in 1954 with an A.B. in actuarial mathematics. After graduation she obtained a master’s degree and taught math for thirty years. She was active on the Women’s Alumnae Association Board and the Pembroke Advisory Council.

Melanie G. Northrop '81, P '13, '16 graduated from Brown University in 1981 with an A.B. in English. She went on to obtain obtain graduate degrees in English from Penn and Harvard as well as her MSW from Boston University. She has worked in five different colleges and universities over her career in higher ed, and is presently the Director of Acuity Services for the Counseling and Mental Health Service at Harvard University Health Services.

Sarah L. Forman graduated from Brown University in 2013 with an A.B in Middle East Studies and Chemistry. During her time at Brown, Sarah was a student worker at the Pembroke Center. After graduation she completed her master’s in nuclear energy at Cambridge University. Her thesis was on the potential for nuclear power development in Jordan and Turkey to contribute to global development and environmental targets. She has worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in Washington, DC and London.

This interview was conducted shortly before Rebecca M. Forman '16 received her acceptance letter to Brown. She earned an A.B., Public Health and went on to receive a Master's Degree in Global Health Policy, Planning and Financing jointly from the London School of Economics and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She currently works in London as a Health Policy Consultant with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.