Polly Adams Welts, class of 1951

Polly Adams Welts graduated from Pembroke College in 1951 with an A.B. in American Civilization. She was editor of the school newspaper, The Pembroke Record and, after graduating, of the Pembroke Alumna. Welts received an M.A. in American History from the University of Washington in 1953,  and a Ph.D. in education from Boston University in 1978. At the time of this interview, Welts was a visiting associate professor of history at the University of Southern Maine. She is the author of National Parks and the Woman’s Voice and Women Teachers on the Frontierand editor of The Search for Equity: Women at Brown University, 1891-1991, which was published on the 100th anniversary of the women's education at Brown. Her resume is available here



  • Polly Adams Welts, Brun Mael, 1951
  • Pembroke Record Staff,  Brun Mael 1951
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  • Council on Public History Conference, 2014