Brown University shieldBrown University

Presidential Selection Committee and Campus Advisory Committee Members

Presidential Selection Committee of the Corporation

Thomas J. Tisch '76, Chair
Jerome C. Vascellaro '74, P'07
Alison S. Ressler '80, P'09, P'10, P'13, P'15
Donald C. Hood SCM'68 PHD'70
George H. Billings '72
Martin J. Granoff LHD'06 hon., P'93
Richard A. Friedman '79, P'08
Cathy Frank Halstead
Lauren J. Kolodny '08
Matthew J. Mallow '64 LHD'08 hon., P'02
Samuel M. Mencoff '78, P'11, P'15
Nancy Fuld Neff '76, P'06, P'14
Therezia Gouw Ranzetta '90
Joan Wernig Sorensen '72, P'06, P'06
Anita V. Spivey '74, P'09
Jasmine M. Waddell '99

Campus Advisory Committee

Chung-I Tan, Professor of Physics, Chair
Sharon Rounds, Professor of Medicine and of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Alpert Medical School; Chief, Medical Service, Providence VA Medical Center, Vice Chair
Alison DeLong, Associate Professor of Biology; Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, and Biochemistry
Donald Forsyth, James L. Manning Professor of Geological Sciences
Susan Harvey, Willard Prescott and Annie McClelland Smith Professor of Religious Studies and Chair, Department of Religious Studies
Marion Orr, Fred Lippitt Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Political Science and Urban Studies and Director, Taubman Center for Public Policy
Julia Heneghan ’09 MD'13, Alpert Medical School
Brandon Broome ‘12
Raj Dhaliwal ‘12
David Rattner ‘13
Neal Fox GS’, Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences
Paulo Baptista, Lead Systems Programmer, Computing and Information Services
Kathy Tameo, Director, Finance and Administration, Campus Life and Student Services