Prison Teaching

Below is a listing of ways to get involved in educational programs at the Adult Correctional Institute of Rhode Island (ACI).

Brown History Educational Prison Program (BHEPP)

The Brown History Education Prison Project is a program in which faculty from the History Department co-teach broadly themed college-level history classes to men incarcerated in the medium security facility of Rhode Island’s Adult Correctional Institute (ACI). These courses are seminar style and issue driven; past themes include “War and Empire” and “State, God and Citizen.. The program, which Professor Amy Remensnyder founded in 2012, has taught more than 70 men so far. It evolved from a program called Brown Education Link Lecture Series (or BELLS), founded by undergraduate Jonathan Coleman in 2008. Professor Remensnyder has twice also taught a parallel class simultaneously at Brown and in the ACI called "Locked Up." For more info, see the BHEPP website. 

Petey Greene Program

The Petey Greene Program supplements correctional education systems by providing individualized tutoring for incarcerated people. They work to support academic achievement in prison classrooms in order to reduce recidivism rates and build stronger communities. The Petey Greene Program is a great way for Brown students to get involved in correctional education. To learn more visit their website.

Community College of Rhode Island

The Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) offers a full degree-granting program inside the ACI. Brown-affiliated individuals occasionally teach or assist with these courses. For information about how to get involved with CCRI teaching, please email [email protected].