RI Space Grant and Waterfire

To the Moon and Beyond: Celebrating the 50 th -Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing with Art, Science, and Exploration Special Events (Lectures, Performances, Films):

Providence and WaterFire are celebrating the 50th-Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission and man’s first steps on the Moon, co-sponsored by the NASA RI Space Consortium with support from Brown University. The celebration includes a series of exhibitions, lectures and other activities this July at the WaterFire Arts Center and other locations throughout the state. The celebration includes a full lighting of WaterFire on July 20 presented as part of WaterFire’s #Art4Impact Summer of Science Event Series. All lectures and events are free and family friendly!



Adjacent galleries will feature NASA photographs, and NASA-related art works.

This July, in addition to the “Museum of The Moon” exhibit in the Main Hall, there will be three additional displays including “Milky Way” a mural by John Sabraw and the Aspect Collective, paintings by local artist Jeremy Schilling, and work from Livable RI’s Poster Campaign by Civic Alliance for a Cooler Rhode Island. “Milky Way” which will be on display in the main hall, is an interdisciplinary multimedia, interactive experience of art, science, and technology that explores and examines issues of scale-from molecular to the astronomical. Jeremy Schilling’s current series of paintings is called “The Overview Effect” which focuses on astronauts, gravity and space. The Livable RI Posters Campaign will be on display on movable walls throughout the space; the posters focus on artwork that would convey the messages of urgency to combat the threat of global warming and climate change echoing the WW1 Food Administration posters.

John Sabraw –  “Milky Way,” an 85’ long charcoal drawing, was the brainchild of Assistant Professor John Sabraw and was created with the Aspect Collective—a cooperative group of students, artists, scientists, and visionaries.

Jeremy Schilling – Jeremy’s series “The Overview Effect,” focuses on astronauts and space, specifically exploring the concept of the space suit and how it acts as a shield between a person and their environment.

Liveable RI offers a series of 25 graphic posters about the many helpful citizen environmental responses created by the RI nonprofit.  The series is a guide “by Rhode Islanders, for Rhode Islanders” on how to reduce our contributions to climate change, build relationships with each other and with our environment, and make Rhode Island more livable for all of us.

A replica of the Apollo 11 Command Module made by students of the Warwick Area Career Technical Center will be on display at the WaterFire Arts Center  and at the WaterFire event on July 20th. Earlier that day the Command Module will be featured in the Conimicut Village Association’s 50th Anniversary Moon Landing Parade.