Brown Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice

2020 Summer Graduate School Proctorships

Recipients of Summer Proctorship positions will participate in a project-based, internship-style experience offered through an academic unit or in research, training, academic or administrative offices around campus. The goal is to offer graduate students whose research and study have been impacted by COVID-19 new professional and career development opportunities to enhance their experience and skills.

These proctorships are intended for PhD students whose total summer support would otherwise fall below the equivalent of three months of the standard academic-year stipend amount ($8,758.68). The time commitment expected is approximately 100 hours over Summer 2020.

Students who have already applied for and been approved for the Summer Fellowship ($2,000) should note that if they receive a Summer Position (with a $3,400 stipend), it will take the full place of the Summer Fellowship (both awards cannot be maintained).

Please direct questions regarding this program to Vanessa Ryan or Kirk Robinson at [email protected].

CSSJ Position Decription

Title: Historical Research and Exhibition Development Proctor

Description: Provide support (i.e., research themes, develop stories and artifacts/material culture) for creation of an international exhibition focused on the history and legacies or afterlives of slavery tentatively titled In Slavery’s Wake—Slavery, Race, and the Making of Our World (ISW).

Preferred Skills or Disciplinary Background: History, Public Humanities, American Studies, Africana Studies, or any student from the Social Sciences and humanities who would find this work interesting.

Application: Available in UFunds, under “Graduate School 2020 Summer Proctorship Positions,” under “Graduate School COVID-19 Fund”

Application Deadline: All applications received by May 13, 2020 will receive priority review. Applications can be submitted after that deadline for any unfilled positions. 

 Contact: Shana Weinberg and Anthony Bogues