Civil Rights Movement Initiative

In 2015, the CSSJ developed a unique initiative for Hope High School students called the Civil Rights Movement Initiative. This initiative aims to help high school students understand the Civil Rights Movement as something more than events of the past, and as a bridge to understanding the present. Once a week for six weeks students explore different aspects of the Civil Rights Movement, culminating with a week-long Civil Rights tour throughout the south. This seven-day trip enables a diverse group of students to visit historic sites and museums commemorating the Civil Rights Movement and to meet the Movement’s veterans and activists. The trip provides historic context for students to engage in meaningful conversations about racism, social privilege, educational inequality, and economic disparity in the United States today. To conclude the program students hold a public lunch talk at Brown University in February, sharing their experience with students, faculty, staff and the community.

“I learned a lot of history in one week, more than I learned in all of my schooling.”

-Mohamadou Mbaye, CRMI 2017 Cohort



Past events included: