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Gallery Exhibitions

Gallery ExhibitionsGallery Exhibitions

CSSJ is committed to supporting public history. We see public history as a means to share and make relevant the work of scholars to our community on and off campus through exhibitions, public programs, and educational resources. This public history work aims to share a more nuanced understanding of the past by connecting the public to historic images, documents, and contemporary art as well as the innovative work done by scholars to read history differently and conceptualize new ideas about the lives of enslaved peoples. In our new building there is a gallery space where we will host revolving exhibitions that cover a range of issues. This gallery is central to the mission of creating "a public curriculum."

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To access the catalogs and brochures for each exhibition, navigate to the respective pages below to access a digital copy.


Entangled Legacies

Edouard Duval-Carrié and the Art of Embedded Histories


Memory Dishes

Memory Work

Unfinished Business: The Long Civil Rights Movement

Art of Haiti


Herstory: Works By Jessica Hill


Makers Unknown: Material Objects and the Enslaved

A Dream Deferred: Questions of Power & Freedom in Rhode Island's Public Education

Singing Freedom: Music and the Struggle Against Apartheid

Black Mechanics: The Making of an American University and a Nation 

Hidden in Plain Sight

The Black Shackle: African Americans and the Coal Economy  


Hurt People, Hurt People

Slave shackles at the Hay Library

The Art of Mali Olatunji: Painterly Photography from Antigua and Barbuda 

On Display: Exhibition of Works by Tony Ramos

A Peculiar Aesthetic: Representations and Images of Slavery


Breaking Chains 

Black Experiences at Brown: A Visual Narrative Exhibition 

Changing America: The Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 and the March on Washington, 1963

Blacks at Brown Timeline Digital Exhibition


The Many Faces of Toussaint L' Ouverture and the Haitian Revolution

Ships of Bondage and the Fight for Freedom Exhibition