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Conference on 1960s social movements to begin next week - via the Dartmouth

Beginning next Wednesday, Dartmouth will host a two-day lecture series as part of a conference titled “Reflections on the Afterlives of 1969.” The series of talks, which will feature speeches from professors at Yale University, The Free University of Berlin and several other institutions, will address a range of topics including student activism, black political thought, anti-Vietnam war protests and the implications of 1960s social movements on the world today.

(Distributed August 9, 2019)

Did You Know That Providence Rhode Island Is Full of Black History & Culture? via Essence

PVD Fest '18:

Although the destination has a reputation for being a bit melanin deficient, the historical presence of Black people in one of the first and pivotal slave states, is loaded with the contributions of the enslaved Africans that literally built the city of Providence and subsequently its textile industry. Remember a little something called the Cotton Gin?  The blueprints are still there. Learning of its origination and creation of the textile industry that affected Black lives for decades, is a big draw and attraction for Black families to visit Providence.

(Distributed August 9, 2019)

Owning slaves was business as usual for founders of an elite US girls' school

Georgetown Visitation Prepatory School:


The cash-strapped nuns were desperate to sell their slaves.

It was the 1820s, and debt was piling up for Mother Agnes Brent, superior of the Georgetown Visitation Convent in Washington. The convent had broken ground on a new chapel, with stunningly poor timing - a few months after the country slumped into an economic collapse spurred by the Panic of 1819.

(Distributed August 8, 2019)