Excerpt: Anthony Bogues’ Contribution to The Road to Democracy in South Africa 5

May 31, 2013

by Mafeno on May 31st, 2013  

The Road to Democracy in South Africa 5  The South African Democracy Education Trust (SADET) has      shared an excerpt from The Road to Democracy in South Africa  5.

  Titled “‘We are an African people’ Anti-colonial internationalism and black internationalism: Caribbean and African solidarities”, this chapter by Anthony Bogues looks at the political ideas and theories that arose in the African diasporic space. Read Chapter Three in its entirety:

Continental Africa was/is of central significance to African Diaspora politics and cultural practices for many hundreds of years. The Atlantic slave trade, in which millions of Africans were transformed from humans into captives, then into Atlantic commodities and inserted into a social system of racial slavery, was one foundation of the order that created colonial modernity. The transformation of Africans within a coercive regime of labour in which they became what the Caribbean historian, Elsa Goveia, called ‘property in person’ was a feature of world historical significance. Such significance has been recognised in many contemporary accepted historical understandings that racial slavery and therefore black labour in the Americas created the foundation for the wealth of European colonial empires and America.