We have three main approaches

• Bring authentic research projects into courses

• Facilitate collaborative problem solving in large introductory courses

• Build learning communities within courses

We're focusing on the following courses:

Innovation via Collaborative Problem Solving

  • Genetics (BIOL 0470)
    • Mark Johnson, Associate Professor, MCB
    • Jody Hall, Manager, Undergraduate Laboratories
  • Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 0330)
    • Suzanne Rudnicki, Adjunct Lecturer in Chemistry
    • Mattew Zimmt, Professor Chemistry
    • Paul Willard, Professor Chemistry
    • Eric Victor, Adjunct Lecturer, Chemistry
    • Richard Stratt, Professor Chemistry
    • Eunsuk Kim, Associate Professor, Chemistry
    • Christoph Rose-Petruck, Professor, Chemistry

Innovation via Course-Based Research

  • Plant Inquiry (BIOL 0440)
    • Alison DeLong, Associate Professor, MCB
    • Mark Johnson, Associate Professor, MCB
  • Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory ( BIOLO 02850)
    • Sarah Taylor, Instructional Coordinator/Science Learning Specialist, BioMed
    • Yiannis Sawa, Investigator in MCB
    • Gerald Jogl, Associate Professor, MCB
  • Basic Physics (0400)
  • Foundations of Electromagnetism and Modern Physics (0600)
    • James Valles, Professor of Physics
    • Jay Tang, Professor of Physics, Professor of Engineering
    • Monica Linden, Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience